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White Label Tokenization Platform

& Software Components

Finter provides a white label platform for asset tokenization. It may be used for tokenization of existing real funds, companies (in order to create more liquidity among existing investors and make it easier for new investors to join) and multiple fundraising types in various industries: from real-estate and energy infrastructure to startups, gaming and SaaS companies.

White Label Tokenization Platform | Real Estate Tokenization

Depending on the legal stitching and requirements for tokens, the fundraising campaign might be a Security Token Offering (STO), Equity Token Offering (ETO), Utility Token Offering (UTO) or Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Our tokenization platform facilitates process for all parties engaged: Fundraisers/Tokenizers, Investors and the Platform Operator

Platform supports customization of the processes to conform regulatory and your business requirements — from integrating with KYC/AML service providers, through fiat payment gateways, to administrative features of “freezing” and “unfreezing” tokens,  choice of blockchains and crypto payment acceptance capability.

White Label Website

Fully customizable website to present your campaigns to the Investors

Investor Portal

Your Investors can place an Order, Pay for it and Sign all needed Documents online

Fundraiser Portal

Fundraisers can Configure & Manage active campaigns, build Investor Relations

Admin Panel

Campaigns, Fundraisers & Investors Management » KYC, Token Administration

Finter White Label Tokenization Platform may be quickly customized and used as a base for your platform. It is “white-labeled” meaning it will be branded with customers’ brand. It might also be customized to local or industry specific needs.

Supported Token Offerings

Equity Tokens (ETO)

Security Tokens (STO)


Utility Tokens (UTO)

Initial Coins (ICO)

Public / Private Offerings

Platform Capabilities








Benefits of Asset Tokenization


Faster & Cheaper

Access to More

Transparency & Trust

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