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Case Study

Building an Investor Management Tool For Private Companies


Irmatiq’s goal was to build a comprehensive solution for private companies to effectively manage their investors and raise capital more efficiently, all through one user-friendly application.

They have chosen Finter as their partner to bring this idea to life. In the Product Discovery phase, Finter’s experts worked closely with Irmatiq to refine the product roadmap and develop a comprehensive implementation plan including budget and timelines.

After that we started MVP development and delivered on schedule, according to Irmatiq’s expectations. The final product, hosted by Finter, is now live in production and has been successful in meeting the requirements of Irmatiq Clients.

SERVICES PROVIDED » Product Discovery and Software Development based on ready-to-use components

Our Challenge

According to Irmatiq’s market research and experience, Investor Relationship Management is often disorganised, resulting in ineffective communication. Our goal was to develop a user-friendly platform that streamlines the management of private company investors by centralising all information and documents, and automating future funding processes.

Efficiency and effective time management are crucial in the business world, as they can have a direct impact on a company’s success. This was especially true for our client Irmatiq. Our challenge in this project was time. In order to deliver an MVP product quickly and verify with the market Finter needed to meet strict deadlines. By successfully delivering the MVP on time, Irmatiq was able to go live with the product, attract its first customers, and move to futher stage of the development.

White Label Website

Fully customizable website to present your campaigns to the Investors

Investor Portal

Your Investors can place an Order, Pay for it and Sign all needed documents online

Fundraiser Portal

Fundraisers can Configure & Manage active campaigns, build Investor Relations

Admin Panel

Campaigns, Fundraisers & Investors Management » KYC, Adequacy Tests, etc.

How We Made It Happen

European Union regulation of financial crowdfunding – European Crowdfunding Service Providers directive opens borders and allows ECSP to make business also in other EU countries. On the other hand the regulation set constraints on conflict of interests, projects due diligence processes and investors qualification and onboarding. Originally every financial crowdfunding platform operator was supposed to obtain respective license till November 2022. European Security Market Authority recommended to postpone the deadline by a year – till November 2023. Don’t wait. Make sure your current or new crowdfunding business is legally compliant and works on best software.

Platform Capabilities






The Outcome