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Custom Fintech Solutions

Custom Fintech Software Design & Development

with Ready-to-Use Components

About Us

We are a Technology & Consulting provider for Fintech

Finter is a result of a synergy between Fintech domain experts and over 20 years of software delivery expertise of Future Processing — Software House with over 1000 FTE.

Financial Software Development Case Studies

From Idea to MVP & Scaling

Our relationship starts with a Design Sprint Workshops or IT Strategy Consulting in order to discuss your goals and plans. It is a great opportunity to define priorities and constraints with Finter’s domain and technical experts. 

Our teams are aware of Compliance & Risk aspects of Fintech projects. We are familiar with common processes like Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Customer Onboarding, as well as Regulatory Reporting.

When your product or service prototype is ready, Finter may proceed to  develop the actual software. Here Finter’s existing software building blocks for common use cases will save you weeks if not months of development time.

Software we build has scaling roadmaps and capabilities — it is cloud vendor agnostic so you may choose where you run it. By default we are ready to host it in Amazon Web Services Cloud on our shared infrastructure.

Finter Consulting Services

IT Strategy Workshops

Involves main stakeholders, technical experts. During the Workshop, the map of all user activities is created to define the model of the system functionalities.

Design Sprint

During the 5-day Workshop your idea will be defined, evaluated with domain experts, turned into a prototype and tested. It is a cost-effective way to quickly validate your idea without the need of preparing any documentation.

Digital Transformation

Digital-first or digital-native organization is not only enterprise architecture and IT systems but also culture, processes, organisational charts and multi-year roadmaps.

Whether you need to replace your core platform or estimate costs of transformation – We can help.

Finter Software Development Services

Technologies Used

Software Development

Hosting, Support & Maintenance

Your project may be hosted by Finter on its AWS shared or dedicated Cloud Infrastructure. Technical Support, Software Updates & Security in one stop shop.

Traditional finance services are challenged by blockchain replacements. We can help you in developing blockchain apps and services, coding or auditing smart contracts. Thanks to our extensive experience, we may also help you to determine which features or capabilities are worth to be developed and deployed on blockchain. Often not everything is worth it – common, regulatory required processes might be kept on “traditional” stack for cost effectiveness, time to market and risk factors.

Components’ Examples

Application Examples

What's in it for me?

Faster Time to Market

Less Hassle with Development

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

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